Scotland The Brave?

In  2014  (probably Autumn) Scotland will vote on whether it should become an independent nation once again or remain as part of the United Kingdom of great Britain. There is much mis-information scattered around mostly attributable to the pro Union brigade, perhaps a brief history here will enlighten.


Scotland was for hundreds of years an independent nation which thrived within Europe. In 1707 The Union Act of Scotland was passed which then joined Scotland to England.

Prior to the Act, Scotland had suffered economic difficulties largely due to English scuppering of world trade plans as they feared competition would affect such business as the East India Company etc therefore financial backers for Scottish ventures were “got at” by the English parliament. They also ruined a lot of Scottish industry by gaining a stranglehold over shipping legislation. Then Came the big disaster of the “Darius Scheme” where Scottish nobles invested huge sums into a bizarre colonisation/trade plan which failed miserably. The nobles were largely ruined financially.

The main political parties at the time were Whigs and Tories (equivalent of modern Labour & Tory). The Whigs largely supported Union and the Tories largely did not. It is widely accepted that probably three quarters of the people of Scotland were against this union and that the Whig Scottish parliament members (and some supporters not of parliament) were bribed by the English government to ensure the bill was passed – as the Scottish poet Robert Burn’s said:  We’re bought and sold for English Gold, Sic a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation.”

With the growing of the British Empire around the world Scotland seemed to thrive as part of it. The Shipping industry grew immensely and trade was good, however on the underside vast proportions of Scotland’s wealth was carried to England as “national taxes” etc and since these times Scotland has paid a disproportional amount of its wealth to English coffers for the privilege of being part of the Union.

The modern stance with English politicians (and here I include the Labour party in Scotland the Conservative party in Scotland and the Liberal Democrats in Scotland as they are all now mere branches of the English parties who happen to be in Scotland) is that Scotland would flounder and fail financially should it become and independent nation as Scotland is dependent on handouts from England.

The Scottish people are being bombarded with bitter and distorted propaganda and it seems to me that the English politicians are desperate to hold onto Scotland, as a successful independent Scottish nation would be a complete embarrassment to them. It is also true that England would lose a good deal of prestige in the world and perhaps some of their more arrogant international activities would be challenged more openly.

I can see no reason why Scotland cannot be a successful independent nation. A re-awakening of the people may just happen where they can see something tangible to identify with and take an active role in making it work.

I say may; as there are still a lot of bad attitudes and washed brains and of course greed to overcome:

The bizarre dull-minded attitude of a large number of uneducated protestant Christians (who are normally in no way religious) and who believe that “protestant” means to hate Catholics and support the queen and therefore the Union – they believe that an independent Scotland means they will all somehow be forced to kiss the Pope’s toes.

Then there are the Anglicised politicians and their followers together with a collection of greedy obsequious businessmen, who squeeze their big fat bodies into silly outfits once a year, purple up their faces with whiskey and eat bags of hot-spiced guts in a bizarre ritual of praise to an ancient Scottish poet who hated everything they stood for (Robert Burns).

To be Scottish is to understand the needs of Scotland and its people. The people require more than they have at present and as an independent nation their needs could be met. As for the bizarre rag-bag of rogues mentioned above, they would have to decide whether they are indeed Scottish people or were just accidentally born in Scotland, then either shuffle into obscurity or take an active role in the building of a nation.


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