Scary Hug

This is my entry to the 1000 words picture challenge:


“Let’s stand here and hug” she said, “we are on an outing from the local mental hospital and if you don’t do what I say then my friend in the stripy jumper will gnaw on your shinbone”,

Tentatively I complied; feeling a damn fool but terrified nevertheless. She is rather cute, maybe she is not nuts and wants to have mad passionate sex with me and this is her way, or maybe she is a new and disturbing type of nut and is about to chew on my neck.

I wonder how long she expects me to hug; she hasn’t said a word for ages and that soft sound of her breathing through her nose is beginning to seem menacing. Should I break away now? It’s been a full five minutes and I will be late for my train-spotter’s anorak repair workshop. Hmm that shin gnawer looks a bit old and fat to me, I’m pretty sure I could slap him around before his teeth reached my shins. Then again, you hear about these old tough boys who can surprise with their power and agility; did he get fat by gnawing on shins?

That tram will be passing in a few seconds. Perhaps I could push her in front of it and then run. The stripy man and the other nuts will be obscured from view.

Why did I have to get a flat on this bloody hill? I knew I should have stayed in mother’s basement where it was warm, cosy and secluded. At least from there I could hide on the internet typing stuff to girls who might be men, at least you know where you are there. I have my own blog too where I type about what I would like to do to people.

Why is this girl screaming and struggling? Doesn’t she know she is safely in the arms of the vampire king who can walk in the day?

I’ll take her soon to my castle where I’ll initiate her and she will be my eternally grateful queen.

That stripy man looks angry. Why are they shouting and coming towards me? Damn they must have stakes in their bags..its the enemy we must flee my queen flee to the castle.


About tongnaboot

Just somebody else with time on their hands and a head full of nonsense.
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