Down from the ceiling on a silken thread
All hairy legs and teeth
Wriggling and jiggling, closer it came
With me laid underneath

Afraid to move as stiff as a post
With terror seizing my soul
My mind in crazy turmoil
At what may be its goal

Shall it crawl inside my nose
And peek out from my eyes
Or don a spider’s big chef hat
And bake up eyeball pies

Creep its way up to my brain
And dance a merry jig
Freak out all my senses
With its legs so hairy and big

Make me slap and punch myself
And off the bed to roll
As it prods and twangs my poor old brain
Like a big remote control

Oh spider, spider, climb up your thread
And come for me no more
Cease to taunt and torture me
I heartily implore

And so then, he offered a deal
To which I had to agree
I would grant his every wish
To prevent him torturing me

I built a little home for him
Beneath the kitchen sink
And fed him flies to make him fat
With freshest dew to drink

I pampered him the whole day long
As in his silk he lies
And when he felt so sleepy
I sang him lullabies

I lived my life upon my knees
My mind all wracked and sore
Appeasing fear and terror
Was the burden that I bore

And so they came one sunny day
Wielding a great big net
And dragged me off to another place
And still I live there yet

I sit all day, rock back and forth
As eyes dart to and fro
And shriek and scream at bits of fluff
Which along the floor do blow


About tongnaboot

Just somebody else with time on their hands and a head full of nonsense.
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