Professional Beggars

Hark! Hark! The dogs do bark, the beggars are coming to town, some in rags, some in bags and some in velvet gowns.

The ancient old English “nursery rhyme” above was about Catholic Bishop’s roaming the land selling indulgencies from sin. The basis was this: If you had committed a sin then you could buy a bit of paper absolving you completely for this sin and any celestial consequences. No guilt, remorse or penance was required. You paid your money and were immediately forgiven. Bizarrely you could also buy indulgencies for sins you had not yet committed so in principal if your neighbor was annoying you, you could buy an indulgence and save it away in a drawer until the day you decided to bash his brains in and all would be forgiven.

The bigger the sin the higher the price and basically you could buy a “get out of hell free” card.

Although it seems like I was writing about some of the daft stuff “Jesusy” people get up to, I’m not.  There is a new breed of professional beggar on the scene, raking in a ton of cash in exchange for your peace of mind. These are the professional charity beggars.

Charities have existed and flourished for years (well here anyway) by having second hand charity shops, having volunteer collectors rattling wee tins in the streets and not to forget being left tasty big piles in the wills of folk trying to buy their way into heaven. This has all changed now.

When walking through the streets of the City centre nowadays, you are accosted at almost every corner by teams of oddly chirpy youthful folk presenting big false smiles like a bunch of brain-washed Hari Krishna devotees. They say “Hi how are you today” and the correct reply would be “I was just great until I encountered you”!

These rather revolting people wear a sort of over-vest with the name of some charity emblazoned on it, however don’t be fooled; they do not work for any charity at all, well mostly. They work for professional begging organizations who hire out their services to charities. Their function is to talk you into signing up your bank details in order that they may suck out an agreed sum every week or month, supposedly for said charity.

What most people do not realize is that these people get paid at least £6 per hour to beg and this money comes directly from donations made. The organization that they work for is a business and their business is begging for profit. Overheads are paid, manager’s salaries are paid and directors suck out their bloated cut. Then and only then does the charity receive anything. They don’t even receive what is left after all the overheads and salaries are sucked out as this is a business and a profit is to be made.

There are a couple of charities now who have started their own begging businesses along the same lines, and once again all the salaries are paid etc before the charity gets a penny.

Let’s work at putting an end to this revolting business by giving them nothing. If you must give to charity then hand things into charity shops that they can sell or send a donation directly to the charity. Personally I give nothing at all to any charity who hires the services of these professional begging organizations as apart from being revolting and immoral and greedy, it also reminds me of the velvet gown brigade selling peace of mind.


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