I Follow Therefore I’m Spam

I like to write, to rant and produce wee poems and stories. It’s always good if somebody likes what you say or agrees with a point (or disagrees) or gets a good laugh from something you wrote. I write generally for fun and because it amuses me and if it amuses someone else then that’s just great. I’ve looked all around this blogging place “Wordpress” since I joined in and quite frankly a lot of what I see just tends to put me off a bit.

There a lot of people on here who talk about “blogging quotas” as if it is all some big arduous task to write something  and the fact that they feel they must go through this dreadful ordeal in order to produce a piece of writing each day often means that what they write is a load of old stale pish. Who am I to criticise? Well who is anybody to criticise? Life is about making judgements and reacting in some way towards them therefore my opinion is just as valid as yours.

Don’t you agree that if it tortures you to write something and you force yourself to write just to meet a quota then what you write was probably not worth writing in the first place? Writing is fun; a way to express your ideas regardless of how insane they may be to others, a way to expunge everything that fights inside of you to get out somehow and of course a way for you to just cheer yourself up when you are bored.

Now don’t get me wrong, some people do not find writing easy for various reasons and perhaps what they write is not as polished as the next person’s or perhaps it takes them a week to write what someone else may write in half an hour; but if they enjoyed doing it then it was worth the effort and in time they will get better.

Other people I just don’t get are the ones who “blog” professionally: Folk who type reams and reams of crap about some product or service in order just to sell that service or product. Who cares? There are also those who set themselves up as some sort of well-informed guru, espousing knowledge to the masses regarding some topic or other. The guru ones are probably the most irritating to me as if you know anything about the topic at hand you often find big glaring errors.

One blogger I stumbled upon called him-self a “Web Developer” although upon inspection what he knew was about finding things that other people made, then giving instructions on how to glue them onto WordPress. This is not a web developer, a web developer is a programmer who makes the things that this lad squirts glue on. I’m a web developer although so far I know nothing about WordPress and I certainly do not see myself writing about web development anywhere here as  that would be pretty boring to me.

My point in all this is not to moan about what people are writing (well perhaps a wee bit as I like a good moan) but about those who follow. I have a few wee followers now which is nice, and it took me ages to go find out how to see who they are.  The first one I visited was some lad blogging about how great he is at blogging and how he writes professionally and then types reams and reams of crap telling other people how to be as good as him. He goes on about quotas and strain and stress and offers the dreaded E-book guides etc. How arrogant! Who indeed is he to tell people how to write? Personally I found all of his advice to be complete laughable rubbish. To get to the point of what I am on about here is why did this lad follow me?

He visited my blog once and followed then never came back. Did he read something on my blog that he found interesting and thought; “I must follow so I can go see what else he has written? No he most certainly did not. It is crystal clear from his blog that he is seeking anyone new to blogging and following them so that they in turn will go look at his and say “ooooh a genius who knows what it’s all about, I must follow him and eventually empty my coffers into his hands in order to gain more of his wisdom”, or so he can walk around boasting to his sad little friends (probably spiders in his mother’s basement) that he has many followers.  So he follows others for the sole purpose that they will follow him.

So far out of all the folk who followed me I think I have followed 2 back. I read the blogs of those who follow me to see what they say… if it interests me and I want to go read more then I follow. Isn’t that what it’s all about? It is the wriggling little worms desperate for attention that ruin everything and I look upon them as merely a form of spam to ignore.

If you do not like what I write then kindly don’t follow me as it’s silly. Thank you.


About tongnaboot

Just somebody else with time on their hands and a head full of nonsense.
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3 Responses to I Follow Therefore I’m Spam

  1. Ricari says:

    Very interesting and entertaining! I’m often intimidated by other blogs, everyone seems to know so much more than little ol me but you’re right. Who gives a crap? I enjoy it!

    • tongnaboot says:

      Aye, there’s an auld saying “he who knows and knows he knows, he is a wise man seek him, he who knows not and knows he knows not, he is a child teach him, he who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool shun him!.

      If you enjoy something then ignore all the big eejits telling you you are not doing it right – usually they know bugger all about it themselves.

      Oh and you are the first person to comment on anything I did so thank you and hooraaay I’m no longer a comment virgin!

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