I Don’t Believe In Atheists

I recently saw someone write “if you are an atheist then prove how we got here”, which is probably one of the daftest things ever said by a “Jesusy” type person in defence of their belief.

Can a “Jesusy” person (or any other form of believer) prove anything at all about what they believe? Most  “Jesusy” folk will smugly wield a bible and proclaim “the word of God” without knowing or wanting to know that everything in the book was written by man. Further to this; councils of men sat down many years ago and decided which writings should appear in the bible and all those which they deemed contrary to their collective views on matters were destroyed and the groups promoting such writings persecuted.

There is no proof of the existence of any type of deity whatsoever and believers are very fond of the use of the word “faith” to somehow make it all ok. What is faith other than a fanatical belief? If a friend of yours is about to sit an exam and they are worried about it and you are worried about it as to fail would be a minor disaster; you may say to them “I have faith in you”. What you mean in this context is I am worried that you might fail but I hope that you do not, so you use the word faith to disguise the word hope as the word is designed to sound better and inspire confidence etc.

In other context too the word faith is used to replace hope in order to fool that you have some firm conviction and knowledge about the matter in hand when in fact you don’t. So the word “faith” can be taken as hope and in its more aggressive uses; as a desperate and fanatical hope.

“jesusy” people all desperately and fanatically hope that a God exists and that all they have done and hope will happen , well,  will happen one day; Kinda like a kid looking forward to Santa coming at Christmas.

Enough about the faith mongers, what about atheists? Well atheists say they know there is no god but how do they know? Did god come and whisper in their ears “look pal I don’t exist and all those folk who believe in me are nuts”? That’s getting a bit silly, but again, how do they know? The simple fact is that they don’t know and they can’t know. An atheist will argue more vehemently about he/she knows and will often go in a big huff if you talk about the nature of knowing and how it is impossible to really know anything.

You might think whilst making a cup of tea “I know that I’m pouring boiling water into a cup holding a tea-bag but without direct unarguable proof, you just don’t know that you are really doing that at all.  For example, someone who is totally nuts might see you as a big monster and stab you in the eye with a sharp pencil. He knows that you are a monster as his mind tells him so – so under our usual accepted understanding of knowing; you are a bloody monster and deserve to have your eyes poked with pencils.

You have to agree that we don’t really understand what knowing means. In science there can be no absolute proof – we can only make assumptions towards proof based upon evidence: “jesusy people argue with this by saying in that case we cannot prove that absolute proof does not exist as there is no absolute proof to prove it does not”, a scientists reply could be “In some circumstances it can be safely assumed that if a certain event had occurred, evidence of it could be discovered by qualified investigators. In such circumstances it is perfectly reasonable to take the absence of proof of its occurrence as positive proof of its non-occurrence”.

It all goes around and around in circles, basically as none of it can be proved either way, therefore the Atheist is just as wrong as the “Jesusy” folk when he says “there is no god”.

An Agnostic is one who accepts that he/she just does not know and who requires positive proof before they can accept something as fact. We are all therefore Agnostic. The “Jesusy” folk accept that they do not know so they use the word “faith” to attain peace for their hopeful minds in place of proof.  The Atheist is an Agnostic who accepts that they do not know but who often says they are Atheist to sound either cool or trendy, or just to annoy “Jesusy” people.

Would it be positive proof if you forced an Atheist to sleep alone in a tomb and secretly filmed him being terrified?


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